BuddyRider Booster Seat


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For those delicate pooch tooshies or the smaller dog.

Additional information

Handlebar and Seat Post Distance

There must be 19" (48.5 cm) or more between the seat post and the handlebar post.

Seat Post Diameter

Seat post must be between 1" and 1 1/4" diameter (2.5cm and 3.17cm). There must be at least 1 3/4"4.45cm) of the seat post showing to attach the Buddyrider

Internal Measurements

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes even in the weight range given. Dogs that have really long legs or have heavy set bodies may not fit even if they meet the weight requirement

Do Not

Do not mount to a carbon fibre or titanium seat post., Do not mount to a suspension seat post., Post must be steel or aluminum

2.5kgs - 6kgs Dogs

Buddyrider & a cushion are recommended for dogs 13lbs (6kg) or less

6kgs - 11.5kgs Dogs

Dogs 13.1lbs to 25lbs (6kg – 11.34kg) only require a Buddyrider. Using a cushion may prevent them from fitting.

Collar & Harness

French Bulldogs are a good example of a dog that may fit in the weight range but have larger necks and the collar of the harness may not fit., The Buddyrider collar can be adjusted from 14"-15.5° (35.56cm-39.4cm) in diameter. Please measure your dog's neck to see if it will fit.