Rye Bay E-Bikes offers a wide range of ebike services. Whether your ebike needs a tune-up or a complete overhaul, our knowledgeable and certified ebike technician has got it covered.  

Service Packages

Basic wash and re-grease £25.00


  • Tune gears
  • Adjust brakes
  • Check spokes and tyres £45.00 + parts


  • Same as Bronze plus –
  • Chain cleaned and re-lubed
  • Frame inspected
  • Cranks arms checked
  • Pedals checked
  • Head set checked £75.00 + parts


Non Ebike

  • Same as silver plus –
  • Headset bearings cleaned and re-greased
  • Both wheel axle bearings cleaned and re-greased £100.00 + parts

Ebike Gold Service

£130 + parts

Hub Motor

Strip down and re-grease of planetary gears


Puncture repair

(none electric) £10 + parts

(none motor wheel) for 2 punctures £15 + parts

(motor wheel) £12 + parts

(motor wheel) for 2 punctures £20 + parts

Battery Testing

Ebike battery capacity test £30 with print out

Battery Recall and Replacements / Charger replacements

Please contact for a quote on recalling your your old battery or ordering replacements. We can also source replacement chargers and parts