SFC3 Comp Gel



The ergonomic comfort saddle for fitness bikes and sporty touring bikes effectively relieves numbness and disomfort in the perineum and genital area. The dimensions and position of the relief channel are optimized with the help of many test riders by means of the latest pressure measurement technology. An extra large seating surface effectively reduces pressure peaks and optimally distributes the pressure on the sitting bones and pubic bones.

Large-Area Pressure Distribution: Provides optimal pressure distribution for sit and pelvic bones, the contoured surface area helps prevent saddle discomfort.

Padding Construction: Orthopedic padding provides enhanced support and optimal pressure distribution.

Seating Surface: The especially wide seating surface is made for tilted to slightly upright seating positions – the typical posture of a fitness rider.

Pronounced Relief Channel: Relief channel helps to provide increased protection for soft-tissue areas.

Additional information


Medium/Large: 11-13cm Sit bone width, Small/Medium: 9-11cm Sit bone width

Key Features

Cover: Microfibre, Padding: Orthopaedic Comfort Foam with Gel Pads, Rails: Light FeC Steel, Shell: Nylon Composite, Weight: 370g (S/M), 390g (M/L)